Businesses & Organisations

Our Approach

Artificial Intelligence will transform many industries on a variety of levels. Given the pace of development, we believe that the best strategy is building highly flexible, adaptable processes rather than highly optimised, static ones and focus on developing & retaining talent.

Compliant GPT-4 Deployment & RAG

Lack a concrete usecase but want to get started somewhere? Employees across industries are using ChatGPT in their everyday life. This comes not only with safety concerns but also yields suboptimal results as users often rely on the free GPT-3.5 model. We give your employees access to the best models available with access to your company internal information while maintaining privacy and security of your data in Microsoft Azure.

Software Development

The real power of language models emerges from integrating it with other software and building it into existing platforms. We build custom software tailored to your processes needs. Our services range from automating specific technical processes within existing software systems with language models, to building custom interfaces, connectors to other systems and mapping whole new processes with language interfaces.


Software alone often does not solve problems. We believe it is people interacting with computers that create value. This is why workshops are a crucial component of our human-centred approach: People need to learn and adapt to the new tools we produce. Moreover workshops are helpful for finding new use-cases, getting better intuitions about the technology and addressing questions and concerns of people.

Use-Case Identification

In contrast to “classical” new technologies like cloud, IoT or SaaS products, we do not believe traditional style “use-case searching” is the best approach to AI, however it is often a good way to get started. We have experience with a variety of use-cases in many industries and a good understanding of what is possible and what is not. Together with experts and users from your company, we develop suitable use-cases and implement those.

On Premise Solutions & Fine-Tuning

In order to adjust a language model to your specific needs we further train models on data from within your company. This extends the retrieval approach where additional information is provided to the AI for answering requests and executing tasks. Depending in your organisations privacy and political requirements, we also host and fine-tune opensource models on premises without any data ever leaving the company.

AI Promoter Teams

Analogously to the workshops, appointing individuals from across divisions and teams to be “AI promoters” has proven to be a helpful pillar in a human-centric approach. The toolset and capabilties are developing rapidly and it is inefficient that everyone has to stay up to date. Having particularly excited individuals as contact points in many teams across the company can help to speed up adoption and usecase identification tremendously.

Data Analysis

We believe that much of AI adoption should not be top-down instructed but bottom-up developed. Rather than letting managers and consultants define business processes and see how AI can assist them, we want to see people enabled to do achieve their goals by using AI in their own creative ways. Analysing what people try to do with their AI assistants and then engineering them in a way that these assistants are capable of performing said goal is an incredibly valueable source of usecases.

“Chief AI Officer” as a Service

A new service we are offering and think would tremendously accelerate organisations AI adoption is a “CAIO” as a service. A dedicated expert from Texterous in your organisation, to know your processes and people in detail while at the same time being as up to date with the emerging technology landscape and what other businesses are doing through Texterous insights.

Prepared for the Future

Our ambition is not implementing individual use-cases to automate processes in your company. We want to enable your entire organisation to utilise the power of emerging technologies and become adaptable in a dynamic, constantly chaning future.