Lead the AI Adoption

  • Custom AI Solutions: Tailored software for your business success
  • AI Adoption: Redefining your Operations for an AI-Driven Future
  • Venture Building: Scaling impactful Solutions

How we can help you

We are an AI service firm helping organisations adapt to a rapidly changing environment of new technologies.

We also help founders build the startups of our future.

Companies & Institutions

 ✓  Custom Software Development

 ✓  Use-Case Identification

 ✓  AI System Integration

 ✓  Secure Deployment of RAG Systems

 ✓ On Premise Solutions & Fine Tuning

 ✓  Workshops, Adoption & Process Integration

 ✓ Data Analysis

Startups & Founders

 ✓  AI & Technology Expertise

 ✓  Business Ideas & Prototyping

 ✓  Scaling & Business Know-How

 ✓  Client Access

 ✓  Initial Funding, Workspace & Investors

 ✓  Talent Access & HR

 ✓  Short-Notice Work Capacity

Meet our team

Markus Keiblinger

Managing Partner

Our CEO Markus holds a degree in Management Science with a focus on IoT from University College London. He possesses a distinct understanding of technology’s role in driving change and innovation. He is excited about building the future with effective, efficient and automated systems.

Olivier Segers

AI Specialist

Olivier is a highly skilled AI specialist with a background in AI studies at Eindhoven University. He is passionate about driving innovation with AI and sailing. He has a keen eye for detail and a commitment to delivering outstanding results.

Julian Ehrenbrandtner


Julian brings a wealth of experience from working for top consulting firms like BCG, Kearney and KPMG, large corporations (A1, Frequentis) and in startup environments. His commitment to social impact is a driving force in his career.

Stefan Huber

AI Specialist

Stefan has been studying & researching Artificial Intelligence with a focus on language models for more than 3 years at Universities in the Netherlands, Norway and Hong Kong. He attended conferences in the UK, US, Europe and Asia. His deep academic knowledge make him an ideal partner for clients seeking profound, reflected understanding of the technology.

Thomas Übellacker

Startup Specialist

Thomas is a technical leader, entrepreneur and technology enabler with over 8 years of experience in software engineering, large-scale system architecture and DevOps, data science and artificial intelligence, and project management. In his Startup Digicust he applies AI to the customs industry and recently secured a 7-digit Investment.


Alexander De Pauw

AI Specialist

Alex is a tech professional with a strong passion for AI and a track record of developing innovative solutions. His natural curiosity drives him to understand the mechanics behind technology, ensuring he consistently pushes the envelope while delivering high-quality results for clients.

Roy Erzurumluoğlu


With a background in entrepreneurship, biotechnology, and informatics, Roy has extensive experience in solving a wide range of problems. Roy received the Dutch Royal Engineering Society’s Student Engineering Team award in 2022 for his work in biotechnology.

Dr. Michael Schrems

Industry Expert
Heavy Industries

Michael has over 10 years of experience running companies on an executive level and managing capital projects in Asia, North America, and Europe. His expertise covers various fields such as construction, environmental technology, diagnostics, oil & gas, and R&D. Through his involvement in numerous capex projects, he gained a deep understanding of innovative process system design, facility design, procurement and construction interfacing, installation, and commissioning procedures on-site.

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In our initial consultation, we go cover:

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  • What similar projects we have conducted for past clients
  • If we are the right people to take on your project