Startups & Founders

Supercharging Startups

Startups are the vanguard of our society’s advancement. At Texterous, we understand intimately the hurdles that young entrepreneurs face and recognize the boundless potential within passionate founders when given the proper support. We want to provide that support to supercharge existing startups and help aspiring founders to create new ones. We have product ideas including first clients who want to buy them and look for YOU to execute them.

We are not an incubator. We want to be your partner. We are venture builders growing a new business. We can work for equity, money or find flexible other arrangements. This is how we can help:

Business Ideas & Client Access

Many of our clients face challenges that exist beyond their company. They are in need of certain software products, that require a startup, not a service firm to build. These are business ideas for you! Our clients want to be your customer and bring the business idea with them.

Initial Capital & Workspace

Founding a new business is associated with initial costs. We provide initial money, our advisors and office spaces to get started quickly. This is keeping the bureaucracy and costs away from you. We also have office desks you can use in Vienna and Eindhoven.

Technical Know-How & Workforce

Our team consists of specialists in artificial intelligence, machine learning, software engineering and product development. We can get you started with prototyping, building an MVP and defining your software architecture.

Organisational Know-How & Workforce

We have experience in building and scaling businesses. We help with making a business plan, legal & tax questions, HR, leading your negotiations and developing your next pitch deck.

Talent Access from top univerisites

We founded and maintain a community of tech and business graduates excited about language models from univeristies in London, the Netherlands and Vienna. Looking for partners, interns or your next employees? We got someone for you!

Short-notice Work capacity

Founders have to work in a dynamic, rapidly changing environment. Deadlines are changing spontaneously as opportunities arise. Facing a tight deadline for your pitch? Need to have prototype ready in 2 days? We got you covered!